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New Group Member December 2020

Tara Dealer Group are delighted to announce another great addition to our ever expanding family of Office Supply dealers. McArdle’s Computer and Office Supplies has joined the group they are based in Monaghan.



Tara Dealer Group are delighted to welcome two new members to the group. 

Kelly’s Central Education and Office Supplies

Are based in Birr, Co Offaly and are an Education & Office Supplies company specialising in School Books, Office Supplies, Arts and Crafts, Fine Art and Educational Supplies.


Marvoy Ltd

Marvoy are based in Galway and are a leading supplier of office supplies, printing, consumables and office furniture.



Tara Dealer Group Expands Membership

Tara Dealer Group are delighted to welcome Office Pro to the group as there latest member.

Office Pro are Mayo and the West of Ireland’s leading supplier of office supplies, printing, consumables and office furniture.


Tara Dealer Group celebrates its 10th Anniversary

The Tara Dealer Group were delighted to celebrate our 10th anniversary recently. We held a meeting of the 20 Tara Dealer members from all parts of Ireland at the Castleknock Hotel. The meeting was addressed by Darren Mack, an E Commerce expert from Vow, one of our key suppliers. Darren discussed some of the key trends in online selling and how these affect our industry.

We held a golf tournament in honour of the late Eoin Bedford of Terenure Office Supplies. Eoin was one of the founder members of the Tara Group. Fittingly the competition was won by Eoin’s son, Neil.

We finished off the day with a meal in the hotel and were joined by several of our key supplier partners including Brother Ireland, AM Dunne, Fellowes, National Tape Sales and Acco.

Here’s to the next 10 years of Tara’s success!


Office Supplies Ireland have just launched an updated Website.

This site will provide lots of new features and functionality for customers such as:

  • The product search and comparisons to similar products are enhanced
  • Redesigned Quick Lists to make regular ordering easier
  • Cost and department controls for large companies are available
  • Customers can now watch video information on more and more products
  • Greatly enhanced experience when viewing the site on mobile devices
  • Lots of links to favourite brands like BiCBrotherAcco and HP and others
  • The structure of the categories of products has been improved
  • A better overview of products in the checkout basket
  • Better links to social media accounts, customer queries (through Pure Chat) and customer requests
  • Much more Special Offers, Deals, Competitions and Prizes

We wish them well with their new site!


New Service Machine for Stationery Store

Congratulations to Hugh and all in the Stationery Store on the installation of a mega new copier in their service area of the business. This is a great addition to the available copying, print, laminating & binding services at Stationery Store

Call into our Shop at

Dublin Rd, Naas, Co. Kildare, W91 PP48

call us on : 045 879 084

email us at:

Visit our website @

Office Supplies Ireland Moves into New Retail Premises…….

We are settling in to our new Ballymount location.
Call into Unit G1 Ballymount Drive, Ballymount Road Lower, Dublin 12 to see our new refurbished shop!
Our Telephone, Fax and Email

Tel: 01-2898838 or 01-4604100
Fax: 01-2898842

Are You Less Active Than Your Grandpa? You might be if you work in an office.

standing desks keep you young

We think of our grandparents to be at a stage of life where a sedentary afternoon spent sitting down is understandable and acceptable. Yet with the growth of digital technology at the workplace, sitting still for long hours is no longer reserved for the elderly.

Recent research from Edinburgh shows that many desk jobs lead office workers to spend up to thirty minutes more sitting down each day than members of our  retired population. That means most of us with desk-bound careers are more sedentary than those over 75.

The study revealed that middle-age men especially vulnerable to senior-level immobility, spending close to half an hour longer in their desk chairs every day of the work week. Working women under 45 are not far behind their male cohorts, spending only six minutes less than seniors sitting away the work day.

Don’t Let Your Body Take an Early Retirement

Take short, active breaks. Go for a walk. That pedometer app on your smartphone comes in handy for helping you realize how little you move. Use it to motivate extra steps throughout the day.

Engage with a standing desk workstation all day long. Standing up gets the blood flowing and keeps the body stimulated. When you feel that two PM slump coming on after lunch, stand up and work. The body intuitively associates stillness with sleep. Standing up with a sit-stand desk prevents you from nodding off like grandpa.

Stretch, bend, and move in place. You don’t have to run a marathon around the office to stay active. Use micro-movements like stretching exercises to stay flexible and keep feeling productive.