About us

Local Stationers for Local People

We’re an independent purchasing and marketing dealer group who have 23 independent members, offering customers everything for the workplace on a local and national basis. With the collective purchasing power of our members, we provide members with unrivaled purchasing power.

We are a unique dealer group; we are 100% owned by the members, with each member having an equal share in the group, regardless of whether they are a founding member or joined the group today. The structure is one share, one vote. This ensures that our dealers have a strong say in the way the group is run, and more importantly, the direction in which are going.

Our regular member meetings not only keep members up-to-date with the group, but ensure that the members are fully informed and involved in the decisions of the group.

We continually look at ways to help our members grow their businesses profitably; expand into new markets, discover innovative new products, delivery effective marketing tools and to push the group forward.