The Benefits of a Paper Shredder

The Benefits of a Paper Shredder

Every office has many tech tools they use every day. However, the paper shredder is one of those tools that often gets looked over, though it has many benefits that every office is going to need. It is important to note that there are several types of shredders on the market, including:
• Commercial shredders
• Small office shredders
• Personal shredders

The difference in these shredders is the level and intensity of jobs that the shredder faces. Most offices will find that an office shredder may work for their shredding needs. Yet, many corporations have commercial shredders that are meant to handle large jobs.

There are also several different blades that these shredders come equipped with, that defines just how secure these shredders are. These are levels 2 through 6. The higher the level, the more shredding in which the shredder will perform. For the most part, an office is going to want to go with a higher level of shredding to ensure all their information is safe.

For those who may be thinking that a shredder is not something that they need for their office, they need to consider the benefits of having one of these. For one, shredders provide a sense of privacy that is hard to find with other types of technology. When the paper is put through a shredder, it is no longer going to be the target for identity thieves, an important concept to offer potential clients. Secondly, paper shredders can also help the office to become greener. The paper that is shredded can be recycled into new products, making these a great green option for those who are trying to be more environmentally safe.

With these benefits in mind, most people wonder what type of shredder they should buy. One of the first factors to consider is just how much shredding you plan on doing? For those who are going to use this every day, a personal shredder is not going to fit the ideal. Instead, an office shredder like the Fellowes DS-1200Cs Deskside Shredder can handle the job level, while also providing a great level of security. For those who plan only on using their shredder once a week or less, then a personal shredder like the Fellowes M-7C Cross Cut Shredder will be sufficient.

Once the level of jobs is determined, the person needs to consider if they need a certain cut on their shredder. The higher level shredders are going to provide the highest level of security, which is something to consider before making a purchase. Budget, warranty and other factors will also affect your decision as to which shredder is going to fit your needs

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