5 Tips for a better work-life balance

5 Tips for a better work-life balance

Work-life balance can seem like an impossible feat. Rather it is a short and apparently a simple phrase, it is hard to attain for most employees. Managing all the things they have to do or would like to do is a challenge. From doing their best on the job, spending time for themselves, their family, their friends and pursuing hobbies. Sometimes it may feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to pay all these aspects enough attention. You may start today implementing some of the tips below for a better work-life balance:

1. Managing your time
It is very important for you to manage your time, finding a good split between work and freetime. Firstly, you have to map your priorities and need to allocate your time. Make plans for the week – your goals, activities and leisure time. It helps you stay energized, focused, and motivated. When you take a long-term view of your things to do, you may find that you have more room than you initially expected. It can help you to achieve a better balance between your responsibilities at home and at the office. If you have many plans for one day, and have some struggles to fit in all the things in 24 hours, you may try to get up earlier, so you have some extra hours per day and you might do some of your tasks before you go to work.

2. Taking time for yourself
For many people, it’s hard to say those two simple letters: No! It is okay to say no, if something is not a priority for you right now, you will have enough time so you can commit to the things that do matter. Pencilling time for yourself into your calendar, this not only helps you visually see and balance your time, it also helps you to keep this time just for you. You can go for a walk or read a book (whatever you prefer), just to switch off negative thoughts and reduce your stress level. Even if you are feeling busy, remind yourself that time away from work and the computer is energizing and important. You have to remind yourself that freetime can be just that – free!

3. Having a social life and making time for family
Usually you reserve fun things for the weekends? Try to plan at least one activity with your family or friends during the week. So, at the beginning of the week you have something you can look forward to (something closer than the weekend). Some ideas might be: Drinking tea or coffee together, meeting for dinner in the evening. As well, you can join a club. This can help you to do something regularly and you also get a lot of new contacts.

4. Managing work
In the past, you used to arrive at the office at 9 a.m., work until 5 p.m., and then spend the rest of the evening with your family and friends. But today, technology makes it even worse for workers, they are accessible all around the clock. But a never-ending workday can set-off stress. Relationships, health and happiness suffer. Make the most of the time you have in the office and leave the rest for tomorrow. If you tell people to leave at a certain time, you be much more likely to do so. You can also try to plan when you’ll leave the office from the beginning of the day. It means understanding what needs to get done for the day and what needs to get done first.

5. Enjoying weekends and vacation
Instead of saving all your chores for the weekend, get them done during the week, so you can enjoy your weekends with something fun and relaxing. Try to stay away from screens (most of the day), especially you are working in an office and have to use it the whole week. Use holiday time for travelling, it might help you feel more relaxed and come back to work happier and more focused.

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